Welcome to Sogn Valley Gardens

Welcome to the 2015 Garlic Season!

After a few years of hopeful growing and testing, we believe we have outgrown the Aster yellows disease that many of us Mid-west garlic growers were afflicted with in 2012. It was passed onto the plants during our very warm spring that year by the leaf hoppers coming to town earlier than normal. Our crop last year was really great and we planted only the very best cloves this past fall. We have been very diligent about what went into the ground for planting and our rotation cycle for planting.

Please note: our ordering system has changed. Please ignore the shopping cart on this site. Email us directly (mjscanlan05@gmail.com) to place an order with your quantity desired and your address. We will email you back with the final cost and verification. Many thanks for your flexibility.

IMPORTANT NEWS:For the first time in Minnesota at our annual garlic festival, all growers were required to get a Nematode test done on their garlic. Nematodes destroy the root system on the bulbs and ruin the growing soil. Very happy to announce that our garlic tested negative for this destructive disease. If you are ordering from other growers it would be wise to ask them about this test. It carries on into the bulb each year

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